Meditation in the Magical Hour (from darkness to light)

For quite some time, I have been practising meditation. I live in the upper floor of a two-storied tenement in a middle class suburb of Ahmedabad. Because of its location deep inside a housing society, I miss the 360 degree view of the surrounding world. So, while doing meditation between 5.30 and 6.30 in the early morning of the day inside my living room, I don’t get chance to experience the dynamics of the magical hour (the transition from the hours of darkness to the hours of light). For a last couple of weeks I have been staying with my parents in-laws at their pant house. They live in the 11th floor of an apartment building in a prime area of the city.

As a continuation of the practice, I quietly go to the terrace for meditation at a time when the rest of the family are in deep sleep. When I start meditation, it is pitch dark and silent excepting a few vehicles’ noises that ply on the highway. On the top of the calmness of the dark morning is the gentle breeze of early summer that works almost like balms over my body, mind and soul. As the meditation ends, the scene is different, bright with early day light, clouds of birds, all chirping in their musical notes and the beginning of the daily chorus of human activities. I wind up my meditation at the hour when both the natural world and human world awake from the deep slumber of the darkness. Truly, it is a magical hour, perhaps the best moment of the day.


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