Moments Forever

Until recently I mostly lived in seclusion for a very long time. It had been a moment in my life – I often disconnected myself from the realm of socialisation and human relations. There were both pros and cons. I became independent, developed the skill of managing my finances, learnt how to cook my food and keep the house clean and take care of myself during the time of illness. In the same time I missed the warmth of people’s love and sharing. I had become very workaholic, was innovating new ideas and worked on them days and nights, but there used to be a subtle vacuum, deep inside my heart, which often looked for friends, family members to share feeling, and have fun.

The wheels of my journey had been punctured, which required to be fixed. And it happened at the dawn of 2013. As I came in contact with Service Space and Moved by Love and its committed members, I started feeling a transformation deep inside me was readying to take off. As I keep going on every Wednesday to Madhubhai’s place for weekly meditation, I have started changing my perception on human relationships. It seems as if I am in a new avatar, moving out from darkness to light. I have begun appreciating each micro moment of life as flow of love and warmth, all in the positive spirit. This can be best explained through an ongoing experience with a person, to whom I did not know about a fortnight ago and will probably not meet her again after a fortnight. But the ongoing experience with her is so subtle and graceful it has been provoking me time and again to share in the public domain.


About a month ago, I moved into my in-laws home to stay, abandoning my years of stay in isolation. It was because of my mother-in-law’s illness and she had to be operated and diagnosed of her knee problem in a leading hospital of Ahmedabad. After she was discharged from the hospital, she required a nurse for her service 24 x 7. Shantaben, a woman in her transition from mid to old age, joined in.

Shantaben is an amazing person, full of warmth, love and caring. It is not part of her job to take care of other members of the family, but she does it unconditionally. Every day morning when we meet for the first time, we exchange greetings mutually and that makes my day complete. As time progress, she asks for the breakfast in a delicate manner, yet with full of love and affection. Even though there is a full time cook, Shantaben proactively takes care of our food on day to day basis. Sometimes she prepares simple food, yet delicious, not because of the ingredients she puts, but because of her love and warmth. When time permits she sings for us Kabir’s dohas, and also dance to the bits of ritual music. All acts of her are very spontaneous.

Through Shantaben, I am discovering the true spirit of humanity, silently, which she may not be aware of and may be other family members are not noticing it. But it is a moment of subtle love and warmth, which I would like cherish forever.


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