Steps towards Inner Transformation

Moved by Love is a remarkable space. There are subtle magic in it, which invisibly work towards transforming people’s inner life from consumption to contemplation. This I have been experiencing over and again from the time I came in contact with its magical volunteers. Here is an experience which I am sharing with deep gratitude.


Yesterday, in the morning when I left for office, I had told to our maid (her name is Lakshmi ben) that I would come for lunch. She had however forgotten. When I came for food, I found all had finished and there was only little left. I gently accepted the leftover food. As I remember, 6 months back on a situation like this I would have definitely screamed at others. As the food did not fill my hunger I felt hungry in the late afternoon. Near our office is located a McDonald outlet. I decided to go there and tryout some yummy stuffs to fill my hungry stomach. As I reached at the entrance of the outlet, I changed my decision. I headed towards a South Indian food kiosk, placed outside the McDonald outlet, and ordered for steamed idli chutney. It cost me only Rs 20 and was quite filling. It was a natural decision perhaps invisibly triggered through Moved by Love space. Otherwise, I would have spent more money at McDonald and on food that would have harmed my stomach in the peak of the summer.


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