Aarushi, a Child Soul Entrepreneur in Making

On a fine morning, after I returned to the apartment where I live these days by finishing a marathon one and half hour of walk, the first sight near the gate, also at the parking space and near the elevator gate were nicely handwritten notice posters, all conveying the same message, a library in offing for young kids, where books can be shared, read or borrowed, no membership is required, no fees are to be paid. It was an act of soul entrepreneurship, envisioned by a 10 year old girl Aarushi, who live in our neighbourhood. What a noble idea, leadership and entrepreneurship, these are buzzing words these days in most of elite schools. But most of them remain within the four walls of school buildings. But Aarushi has stepped out of the walls of her own and initiating a soul touching movement.


After seeing the posters I could not restrict the inner joy to myself. I immediately rushed to my mother-in-law, who is these days bedridden, to share about Aarushi’s initiative. My mother-in-law was too excited as Aarushi was one of her best neighbourhood granddaughters. She wanted to get out of her bed as she walks with the help of a walker, but as the poster was placed in the ground floor, so she could not. I went down and clicked a photograph for her and read it out.

In the evening my curiosity dragged me to her house. I wanted to know what prompted her to take the initiative and how she plans to go with it.



Few days back on the eve of ongoing summer vacation, she was reading a book titled ‘Adventure in the Island’. While reading the book, she was totally lost in the story and was eager to share with other friends. In the process, the idea for developing a library was conceived. She liked to read more and more books that would carry stories of her interest and at the same time to share with her friends. But these books are very expensive and not affordable by one person. However other children of the building would have similar books, which she thought could be exchanged, through creating a library in the building. She proposed her idea to her mother and it was immediately shared among other parents and children. Now the problem was to find a common space. Recently the cabin near the main gate of the building has been renovated which was selected to solve the problem temporarily. Since the cabin is too small for a library, it is only used to keep the books.

While talking to Aaarushi, I also noticed her problem solving skill in real life. As usual there are differences between boys and girls. Boys are fonder of adventure type books, where as girls like fairytales stories. To resolve the problem she proposed the idea of keeping books that would interest all kinds of children readers. It may sound a simple act, but it has profound implications in real life situations.

Aarushi does not have broad vision or road map but she is quite optimistic for her library’s success. I wish her all the best for her noble initiative.


One thought on “Aarushi, a Child Soul Entrepreneur in Making

  1. Dear Arushi,
    I deeply apriciat your move on taking an initiative of installing a librery where kids from the apartments can read, share and borrow books at no cost. I wish u all the very best and success in your initarive. God bless you. 🙂
    Thanks Jitu sir for bringing the movement of inspiration through your blog. I had enjoyed my read.


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