Planting Curiosity in Learning!

A few weeks ago, in the Moved by Love retreat, I was serving as a volunteer. On the day 2, we (both participants and volunteers) assembled under a tree to listen from Jayeshbhai on the concept of karma (the role of hand) in kindness service. Though Jayeshbhai’s talk was very casual, but it turned out to be very intense. One of the ideas shared by Jayeshbhai was visible impact vs. inner transformation. Most of the organisations/institutions these days go for visible impacts to reach scale. There is nothing wrong in it. But it does not lead to inner transformation. It happens only when hearts are connected through compassionate love. People do not need help. They need cooperation.

Those thirty minutes of sharing by Jayeshbhai has made profound impact in my life. It is slowly yet steadily changing my reflection patterns on events related to daily life.


I work with a corporate where visible impact is a dominant paradigm. There is nothing wrong in it, because it gives us revenue to sustain and a space for market domination, without which I don’t think it would have been made possible for me to write this. But somehow after Jayeshbhai’s heart touching words, I have started following listening to my heart. I have started appreciating those tiny moments of life that have so profoundly bound us with each other’s dream, sorrow, joy, empathy, courage, determination, compassion, and so on.

In the office I sit between 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday. There are colleagues working on different projects in different capacities. One of them is Rajanbhai, a designer and also a close friend. One day at leisure suddenly an idea cropped up for discussion with relation to the percentage of households having access to cars both at pan-India level and also in various states. Though it had nothing to do with our professional objective, but I brought this point to show as how I am privileged enough to own a car in a country, where 95% household does not.

In a span of 15 min the discussion was over and most of us got back to our work, but I noticed Rajanbhai, there had spurt an interest to find out details on India’s asset in various criteria, such as households having access to toilet, phones, houses, etc and to find comparison between states. I observed strings of questions were striking his curious mind. He asked me: why these are important to know. I said this is important, because these help government to plan on fund allocation, deciding priorities and so on. He was not told by any one, but what he did was through his own passion. It was indeed a step towards inner transformation, not visible impact. And this is how learning should happen!

Rajanbhai is not an exceptional human being in the vast ocean of humanity as by nature all humans have a tendency of curiosity that strike in specific moments. We have to nurture these subtle moments and habits with compassion and love, similar to the way plants that we grow, not just by planting, but growing them with utmost care.


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