Soul Connections

My mother-in-law has been discharged from the hospital for more than 2 months now. However, as she readies herself to walk with the help of a walker, Mehmood Bhai (our family driver) steps in, to help her out for a smooth walk. Both, one Hindu, one Muslim come together leaving away their religious differences, for one cause, to cooperate and connect through love. I wonder what if Mehmood Bhai would not have been there it would have very difficult for my mother-in-law to reach the position today she is (from complete bedridden to close to normal walking – she had a knee operation). An amazing soul connection!


Every day morning, I live the home at 5.30 for a marathon walk of 2 hours. On my return I am greeted by Laxmi Ben, the full time care taker of the house – ‘good morning Jitu Bhaiya’. Again meeting of two souls, one Brahmin, the other a Bhil tribe…it would have been impossible in this country, just 30/40 years back which was so obsessed with caste prejudice. As the morning progress, Laxmi Ben makes rotis and sabji for my breakfast and serve with full of love and affection.

Both Mehmood Bhai and Laxmi Ben are the backbones of the functioning of the house. Their attachment with family though they belong to different religions and castes can be best appreciated in those moments when selflessly they come forward to cooperate smilingly. This may be happening with a number of other families, where secularism has taken deep roots, and not happening with a number of families that still practice orthodox belief. I wish an India where tolerance blossoms naturally in everyone’s heart turning the country into a powerful secular nation.


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