Wah Taj – My Agra Diary (Part 6)

There is no word left for Taj, India’s most iconic monument. There is no space left for this world wonder which is not photographed. In the Internet one comes across thousands of pictures, including wall papers of Taj. But still, it is the dream of every soul to capture its beauty through his/her lens and write a few words about it. Its beauty is captured at different parts of the day and even on full moon nights. Now days it is the craze of selfie, thanks to the Smartphone revolution.

Taj Mahal is a paradise for art lovers. A monument created in marble and jewelled with semiprecious stones, it displays different moods through its varied shades. In the morning between 7 to 9 when I visited Taj, it appeared pinkish. Wikipedia refers to as the jewel of Muslim art.

Taj Mahal was conceived when the Mughal architecture was at its peak on a foundation that was established by Akbar, half a century ago, fusion of Persian and Hindustan. But what makes this a world wonder is the lavish use of marble and use of white marble inlaid with semi-precious stones, the highest degree of refinement in the  history of Islamic art.

Calligraphy, abstartism, and vegetal motifs are the key features of the external decoration of the monument. Throughout the complex are passages from the Quaran written in black Arabic script against the white background.

The complex is set in a sprawling char-bhag garden, a feature that was introduced by Babur in Agra itself across the other bank of Yamuna. Halfway between the southern (main gate) and the tomb is raised a marble water tank with a refreshing pool positioned on a north – south axis to reflect the image of the mausoleum.


The southern gate of Taj is a monument itself. Its walls have elaborate geometric pattern and calligraphic work. The minarets of the mausoleum are also impressive, each more than 13 storeys tall. There is also huge mosque on the west.


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